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Walk-in Chillers and Freezers

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Walk in Chillers and Freezers in Qatar
Walk-in Chillers & Freezers

Polyurethane Sandwich Panels are manufactured at our factory for constructing Walk-in-Coolers and Freezers in standard sizes, with internal volumes ranging from 4000 liters to 20000 liters suitable for temperatures between 0°C and - 40°C. Assembly of a typical walk-in-cooler takes about 1-2 hours only. Non-standard sizes are available for specific requirements. Our sandwich Panels provide economical, efficient and hygienic way of storing perishables.

Walk-in Chillers and Freezers in Qatar

Large cold storage and refrigerated warehouses can be erected economically and efficiently, using prefabricated polyurethane sandwich panels, in conjunction with steel or concrete frame-wok. Completely pre-engineered designs enable site activities to be minimized. Heavy foundations beams etc. can be eliminated. The high insulating value of the panels in combination with an economical and flexible construction brings significant savings in operating costs.

All our cold rooms and refrigerated warehouses are fitted with industries leading German brands of Condensing units like Bitzer & Evaporator units like Guntner, and French brands like Stefani and Basetec.

Special Purpose Housing:

Special extreme-climate shelters and housing units constructed from polyurethane sandwich panels are a generation leap ahead in the prefab housing technology. Shelters built with our sandwich panels have been successfully tried and tested at the remotest possible locations and high altitudes. Panels can also be utilized for pre-engineered site accommodation, which can be transported and reused at different sites.

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DSP- Doha Sandwich Panels Factory, Qatar.

We strive to achieve energy-efficient cold rooms, walk-in freezers, industrial buildings and vehicle bodies by the production of sandwich panels that provide maximum insulation.

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