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Sandwich Panels

Cost-efficient and Prefabricated
Sandwich Panel Manufacturer in Qatar
Polyurethane sandwich panels

Polyurethane sandwich panels are composite rigid panels, comprising on-site filled polyurethane foam core, sandwiched between two metal skins, in a single step manufacturing process. Panels are in modular sections that are connected easily to each other by a special integral locking system, to enable quick and simple assembly and dismantling.

Polyurethane Sandwich Panels have many advantages
  • Polyurethane foam is the best known insulation.
  • It has a dosed cell loam structure, each cell containing an entrapped gas of extremely low thermal conductivity. Due to this, the thermal conductivity of polyurethane foam is less than half of that of conventional insulation materials, resulting in significant savings in energy costs
  • The polyurethane foam is of a high density ( 38-40 kg/m3) providing superior thermal and structural properties.
  • Our panels contain specially coated PPGI metal skins. These, in combination with the toughness of polyurethane foam, lend excellent structural properties & dimensional stability to the panels.
  • No action of water, humidity, alkalis, rodents, vermin, termites or other insect etc. Thus resulting in low maintenance costs and long life. Very low ageing rate ensures stable performance over entire lifetime.
Technical Specification:
Wall /Roof panels:
Standard Sandwich panels
Sizes based on Thickness 50mm, 80mm, 100mm, 150mm
Length Up to 12 meters
Width 1.143 meter
Design With or without Ribs
Corrugated Roof sandwich Panels:
Corrugated Roof sandwich Panels
Thickness 40mm
Length Up to 12 meters
Width 1 meter

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DSP- Doha Sandwich Panels Factory, Qatar.

We strive to achieve energy-efficient cold rooms, walk-in freezers, industrial buildings and vehicle bodies by the production of sandwich panels that provide maximum insulation.

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